Ovation 1778TX


  The unique look of all ovations, without feeling cheap, that is the best part of the 1778TX (among some others). The distinct face of this guitar is its signature, but not only does it look different, but this model has a cool texture that makes it feel extra special.
  The back of the ovation is what defines them, because it is molded plastic instead of wood, but this model modified it with that same texture to make it match instead of make a clashing piece overall.
  Because of its makeup, it is in nature, excellent for gigging. Light weight, incredibly durable, and still melodious as you want. It is great for its versatility. A rock band playing an acoustic set, or a coffee house...Instead of playing a standard wood tone acoustic, why not rock unplugged?
  It sounds great, it looks cool. Just a beautiful addition to any guitar collection.