Epiphone Black Beauty


  Black beauty lives up to its name. Simple, elegant, and powerful, this guitar can stand the heat and looks good in any genre/make of band. Any Les Paul is pretty great, and here we enter the "custom" division.
  It is no secret that Epiphone and Gibson are pretty much the same brand, making guitars that look the same but very different price. The Gibsons are pricey, but gorgeous in every way, and they are made in America. Often the Epiphone is just a knockoff with downgrades and in this case even a knockoff of Black Beauty makes a formidable foe to other guitars.
  Triple gold humbuckers show gracefully on solid black, laced in more gold trim. Matching black neck and it is dressed up enough for jazz, soul, rock, punk, pop, you name it. But we know that you can tell how good it looks from a picture.
  But how does it play? Les Paul's all have a unique sound, and coupled with three pickups, and the unique woods, produces the whole package. The bridge is adequately spaced, and don't have sour notes. The draw backs both in looks and performance from the Gibson to the Epiphone are mundane. Special note: some of the pictures of the Epiphone Black Beauty seen on the internet don't have Grover tuners, which means features have been tweaked. So be weary of used models and may have changed over the years.
  All in all, you will look and sound like a champ with this sweet, classy guitar.

  Cons: some downgrades from it's namesake by Gibson. Doesn't include the kitchen sink.