Washburn EA16


 The Washburn EA16 in blue stands out. Period. If you can handle all this bold blue, it will make sure you will not be forgotten.
 One reason that it was chosen is its XLR output, and still maintains the standard 1/4 inch out. That means no need for a direct box, even if you need a long chord! It has a nice array of tweaks onboard like presence, high-mid-low range and volume faders. It also has a chorus built in with rate and depth control.
 Two words: Grover Tuners. These tuners have an 18:1 turning ratio which means for you, there is more "leeway" where the strings are in tune, and strings will stay in tune better. The bridge is also in tune all the way up to the top fret, which apparently is not a requirement for many guitars these days.
 Along with the potent blue color there is a durable coating around the entire body, which protects and keeps the wood grain from being able to swell.
 The guitar is a little slim. This is great for storage/portability size, and it is very light without feeling like a toy. Plugged in, the presence knob allows the sound of the guitar to be as full as need be, but on the downside acoustically it does not carry the weight of a full sized chamber. That is not to say it does not sound great and rich (it does), otherwise it would not be endorsed.

Cons: not a full size resonating chamber.